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Advantages of the DEL/DRIVE sprocket driven conveyor belts

Greatly reduced health risks :

Modular belts are made up of a multitude of articulated plastic parts, breeding grounds for bacteria and very difficult to clean.

 Waterproof and rot-proof DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts
have a smooth surface which offers no footing for bacteria.

Rigid plastic parts, when broken, may find their way into transported

 The supple and homogenous structure of DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts, along with their high resistance to cuts,
tearing and abrasion, remove this risk.

Lower water and detergent consumption :

In many food handling applications, modular belts must regularly be
dismantled and soaked in detergent filled tubs.
Smooth, mono material conveyor belts do not have this problem.

 Our DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts are easy to clean
without dismantling, and their underside is easily
accessible, therefore reducing manhours and also water
and detergent product consumption.

Safe and effective movement :

 In a greasy or damp environment conveyor belts must be highly
tensioned to avoid slippage on the drive rollers.

 Our sprocket driven DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts eliminate
this risk.

The absense of slippage guarantees effective use
and maximum life expectancy.

Increased ease of use :

 The operational silence of our DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts is an important factor in reducing ambient
when compared to modular belts.

The reduction in weight - more than 50% - is also an important feature for improved ease of use.

Simpler and more viable conveyors :

 With low or zero pretensionning, the installation of our sprocket driven conveyor belts removes the need
for tensioners and complex belt guidance systems
, and also considerably reduces the workload of the
transmission, bearings and couplings.

These reduced constraints allow simplification and lightening of the conveyor structure, lengthening.

Diverse configurations :

Other than standard configurations, such as inclined, bi-directional
or curved, the supplness of DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts allows
specialised configurations not available with modular belts,
for example :

 - Trough shaped
- Possible addition of welded side walls
- Customised profiles and guides.

Advantages of DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts

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