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  • Industrial and commercial catering
  • Canning and preserves
  • Fish and shellfish processing
  • Industrial cheese manufacture
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
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  • Packaging, materials manufacture
  • Other industries

The DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts


Made from food quality polyurethane, the DEL/DRIVE 50 conveyor belt is the ideal solution for handling light
to medium weight loads
. It is both supple and resistant in traction.

Its high resistance to wear and also to cuts,
ripping and other bumps make it perfect for
transporting agressive, abrasive or
pointed products.

DEL/DRIVE 50AM antimicrobial :

With an antimicrobial additive in the mass, the DEL/DRIVE 50AM conveyor belt inhibits bacterial
and avoids contamination of transported products.

The silver-ion based additive strongly reduces
health risks
and allows the creation of aster,
more efficient and more economic
disinfection procedures

The DEL/DRIVE 50AMEM version with a structured
upper surface
allows reduction of adherence of
products to the belt.


Made from polyester elastomer, the DEL/DRIVE 50H conveyor belt is recommended for medium to heavyweight loads
and can be used with large roller spacings.

Its high traction resistance allows it, in some cases,
to be used with the accumulation
of transported products

Dependent on the load, the belt can be subjected
to temperatures reaching highs of around 80°c


The thickness and reduced sprocket spacing of the DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt permit the use of smaller
diameter rollers, reducing the space required by the conveyor and improving transfer of
transported goods

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