• Meat and poultry processing
  • Industrial and commercial catering
  • Canning and preserves
  • Fish and shellfish processing
  • Industrial cheese manufacture
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Packaging, materials manufacture
  • Other industries

Equipment / accessories

Profiles :

- DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts can be equipped with welded profiles
of varying forms and height.

- High frequency welding for DEL/DRIVE 50, 50AM
and DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belts.

- The possibility of reinforcing the profiles with gussets in the
case of heavy loads.

Sidewalls :

- For transporting loose products.

- Sidewalls from 20mm to 100mm high.

- Can be associated with profiles on inclined conveyors.

Perforations :

- On request.

- Facilitate drainage of transported products
or allow positioning of objects.

Sprockets :

- Manufactured in HDPE, they are extremely solid and ensure
the best feed of our sprocket driven belts.

- Movement can also be provided by a motor drum.

Wheels :

- PEHD wheels are recommended on the countershaft, they are also
useful for possible winding back of the conveyor belt.

- Lateral guidance of the DELDRIVE belt can be provided
by our flanged sprockets and wheels.

- Specialised sprockets can be made to measure on request.

Scrapers :

- In abrasion-resistant polyurethane, our scrapers have
an integrated torsion bar that guarantees the best standard
of cleaning

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