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Mono material sprocket driven conveyor belts

Hygiene, Efficiency, Economy

The mono material, sprocket driven DEL/DRIVE conveyor belts combine the advantages of modular plastic belts
and mono material conveyor belts without any of their disadvantages.

Well adapted for the food handling industry, in polyurethane or polyester elastomer, they consist of a smooth
upper side
and an underside equipped with teeth across the whole width of the belt.

Modular belts
have the advantage of working with sprockets
which remove the risk of belt slippage
and the need for tensioning the belt.

Their major disadvantage, other
than that of the noise generated
and their great weight, is the risk of bacterial
development. The numerous articulations are all
breeding grounds for bacteria and difficult to clean.

Mono material conveyor belts,
with ply-free surfaces
provide no refuge for bacteria,
and their smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning.

The disadvantage is the need
for pre-tensioning the belt,
with no guarantee that slippage will be completely
eliminated in greasy or damp environments.

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